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Looking to relax your muscles and get rid of that back pain? It may be time for a massage. 

If you are looking for some quick relaxation, for example after work, massage places are a great choice. Walk in stressed and tense, enjoy a massage, walk out as yourself again. Most massage parlors also offer home service.  For those withouth time, some parlors provide express back massages, ten minutes for around 100 Pesos. Massage parlors can be found all over the Megacity, unlike spas. They, too, are a stressed soul's best friend. A spa does not only invite you to a relaxing massage but also offers many more amenities and services such as jacuzzi, sauna, facial care, and sometimes even food to treat body and soul. It is appropriate to tip your massage therapist.

Standalone Spas


Wensha Spa offers not only regular spa services such as manicure, pedicure, sauna, jacuzzi, pool, and different kinds of massages and body scrubs but also a buffet to satisfy all your cravings at once. Wensha Spa is open 24/7 and therefore allows recreation whenever you might need it. Only the dining facility and the massage area are co-ed. All other areas are separate for man and women.

The Spa

The Spa is the most popular brand for Megacitizens. This high-end spa attends to all your needs and much more. Apart from the regular services, The Spa offers special treatments such as a laser centre. The Spa is very much liked by couples as it offers private lounges where couples or groups can share tea and some amenities together (such as pool) before enjoying their private massage treatments. The Spa has branches all over the Megacity. For more information, visit the Spa's website. If you like it, don't forget to apply for the Spa membership!

The Farm at San Benito

First off, the Farm is more than just a spa, and it is located well outside the Megacity. It invites for a weekend trip (or longer) and will repay the travel a hundred times with its magnificence. The farm is located in Batangas, a three to four hour ride South of Manila. It offers luxurious accommodation, only the best vegetarian (raw) food, heavenly treatments and so much more. Megacitizens who have been there claim they had to force themselves to ever leave this place. Check it out yourself! 

Massage Parlors

Big Apple Express

Visiting one of the twenty or more Big Apple Express branches is a good way to enjoy a massage. For only 299 Pesos you will already get a good full-body massage which leaves your rested and prepared to enjoy the time after work with your friends and family. Big Apple Express is a solid choice for everyone who loves regular massages.

Ton Ton Thai

Ton Ton Thai Massage offers traditional Thai massages for little money ranging from 150 to 800 Pesos, depending on the treatment. While the interiors are not too cozy, it is certainly a valid choice for a good massage. Visit the Facebook page for more information.

Nuat Thai

Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage offers exactly what you need after a stressful day at work. Offering authentic Thai massages, Nuat Thai might be your place of choice to relax. There are several branches all over the Megacity, so you will surely find one close to you. For more information, visit the website.

Spa's in Hotels

If you are staying or planning to stay at one of Manila's international first class hotels such as EDSA Shangri-La, Mandarin Oriental or Hyatt you don't really have to leave the hotel to get a relaxing spa treatment. Most if not all luxury hotels in the Megacity have their own wellness area which allows you to enjoy all the amenities of a spa in close proximity to your temporary home.

Couple Spas

Thai Royale Spa

Known as a family oriented spa, Thai Royale offers quality service at affordable prices.

It is a good place for couples who would like to get a massage at the same time. Thai Royale offers Thai body massage and Swedish massage packages.

While Thai Royale’s rates are affordable, the place itself is beautifully decorated and cozy. Its hallways are covered in white pebbles illuminated by warm yellow lights giving the place a nice, relaxing ambiance.

The spa place also offers facial care treatments and body scrubs.

Thai Royale Spa has several branches in Metro Manila. For more information on where to find Thai Royale, you can click here

Neo Day Spa

Neo Day Spa’s philosophy is to “Heal the body, calm the mind, renew the spirit.”

Neo Day offers massage therapies, body treatments, scalp treatments, nail services, as well as reflexology services.

Facial Care Centre

Facial Care Centre offers professional skin care ranging from skin rejuvenation to facial treatments to hair removal. The centre requires its clients to attend a consultation first before getting any of the treatments done to determine which treatments are needed.  

The place also offers treatments for couples.

Click here for Facial Care Centre’s branches.