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Hong Kong is a popular New Year's destination among Manila's Megacitizens, be it because of its beautiful fireworks display over the harbor or just to flee Manila's New Year's spectacle with its unregulated and often dangerous use of firecrackers.

Accommodation and Transport

New Year's has just passed, but the first rule if you want to celebrate it in Hong Kong is to plan ahead! Hotels, restaurants, and events are booked out weeks before the 31st of December, even though Western New Year is considered much less important than Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.
If you book your accommodation too late, you will end up with a windowless 7 m² room in Hong Kong's notorious Chungking Mansions for more than 3000 PHP.

Public transport and cabs are hard to come by during New Year's Eve, so try to find a hotel in walking distance to the place where you are celebrating. It should at least be on the same side of Hong Kong, meaning either the Kowloon side, from where you get the best view of the fireworks, or the Hong Kong Island / Central side, where you find the hottest clubs and bars.


There are no private fireworks in Hong Kong on December 31 / January 1. The fireworks display over the harbour takes around 10 minutes and draws thousands of people to the Avenue of Stars by the waterfront. You have to be there hours before midnight if you want to get a good view. However, this is not the best option anyway, as you won't get anything to eat or drink there.

Rooftop Bars

The ideal places to be during New Year's are certainly Hong Kong's numerous rooftop bars. They offer excellent drinks and food, good music, and a great view of the fireworks at midnight. Try for example the Ozone at the Ritz Carlton, RED Bar + Restaurant, or Felix at The Peninsula.

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