Metro Manila · Snapshots of Christmas: November Stammtisch

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How Megacitizens celebrate Christmas in their home countries was the topic of the night during the November Stammtisch held at the regular hot spot Le CafĂ© Curieux in Makati City.  

Christmas, wherever you are in the world, is all about celebrating it with family as we discovered that night.

For instance, our Brazilian guests shared that they usually go to the countryside to spend Christmas with their family. They will have the usual midnight feast on the 24th, right after exchanging of gifts. 

Our German friend, who has been in the Philippines for three years now, narrated that her family back home in Germany would get an actual tree, not the plastic ones that they have here in the Philippines, to decorate as Christmas tree. The midnight feast is usually the traditional potato salad and Wiener sausage, which they call humble food. The next day, the 25th, is when they really eat a feast including their own version of raclette. The family goes out for a winter walk as well, returning home later in the day to spend more quality time with each other. 

For our Canadian guest, she says that her family dines together during the midnight feast as well as plays a game wherein they sort of draw lots to find out to whom they will give their prepared present to.

Some of the guests are still thinking about where they will be spending Christmas in the Philippines. One has his eye on Sagada for Christmas and Pagudpud for New Year. Two will be going back to their home countries.

Two of the Megacitizens are involved with NGO work in the Philippines focusing on indigenous tribes, in particular. Both were able to exchange notes on their experiences and fond memories working with these marginalized members of the society.

One of the delightful surprises of the night was that our Brazilian friend spoke to team in fluent Tagalog.  

The night ended with the awarding of the Snapshots for Manila photo contest whose winner was Miri from Germany. Her winning photo was that of smiling kids in a jeepney in Binondo also announced the "Snapshots of Christmas" photo contest. 

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