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What could be better after a long and stressful day at work than to work out? Metro Manila offers almost any kind of sport - from football and basketball to golf and ice skating. shows you how to keep yourself fit and healthy, and we present to you the best sport facilities and clubs in the Megacity.


If you like to keep up your fitness in a gym, we recommend moving into a condominium tower with good fitness facilities. Usage is normally free for residents, meaning: included in your monthly fees that you pay in addition to your rent. Gyms are a standard amenity in most condos, but the quality differs widely. You can also find state-of-the-art fitness clubs with monthly membership fees in most HotSpots and big shopping malls.


You are lucky if you live in a gated community, as there is lots of space for carefree jogging in the quiet streets of Manila’s so-called "villages". Everybody else has a problem, as most streets of the Megacity do not have proper sidewalks and there is not even enough space for pedestrians, let alone joggers. Nevertheless, there are some popular locations for a morning or evening run in most of the city’s HotSpots: We can recommend the Ayala Triangle Park in Makati, Rizal Park in Manila City, the CCP Complex by the Manila Bay, Quezon Circle, the UP Diliman Campus in Quezon City, and Track 30s in Bonifacio Global City (The Fort).

Riding the Bicycle

Riding the bicycle is even more daring than jogging in Metro Manila, although you can often see some daredevil making his way through the congested main streets, the face covered with a scarf against the fumes of the cars. The small number of bicycle lanes in the Megacity is growing slowly but surely, also as an attempt to offer an alternative traffic concept. Click here for more information

Good places to ride a bike are UP Diliman, Rizal Park, La Mesa Eco Park and Quezon Circle. The latter two offer bikes for rent, but you can only use them in designated areas and it is rather a kids’ activity. For guided (mountain-)biking tours in and outside Metro Manila, you might try the tour operator Bike PH