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Sometimes a man has to be a man. Luckily for the Manila man, he can be himself as the Megacity presents sports screenings, delicious steaks and much more for a guys' night out!

National Sports

Thanks to the American heritage and contemporary influence, Basketball is the no.1 sports in the country, far ahead of everything else. The Philippine Basketball Association dominates the sports news sections. Therefore, college basketball is also very popular, especially among the students throughout the country. In terms of non-team sports, basketball is en par with boxing. Especially the unprecedented rise of the Philippine living legend boxer Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao made boxing the most popular sport in the country. Other popular sports include football (on the rise thanks to the good-looking players), Filipino Martial Arts (traditionally also practiced at public schools), Badminton and Golf. Visiting any of those events live will be a blast! The Philippine crowd makes every sports event memorable.

Move Yourself

No matter if you are hanging around the greens at the University of the Philippines on a bright Sunday afternoon or sign up for the Nomads Sports Club, doing some sports is a great way to relax from the stress in the city. Many expats and Filipinos are actively pursuing sports. Due to the vast amount of time lost in traffic jams, a lot of regular fitness activities take place on the weekend. Check the extensive list of sports venues and activities in our Megacitizens Sports section.

International Sports

There are quite a number of international sports bars across the Megacity (see below) which feature live streaming of European Football, Australian Rugby, American Basketball, and much more. Those sports bars do not mind the time differences between the continents and stream early in the morning as well as late at night, many are actually open 24/7. It's always nice to catch up with sports at home, especially with a like-minded and sports-crazy crowd - because who else would get up at 3 in the morning just to watch a match? The highest density of sports bars can be found in the HotSpot Jupiter-Burgos-Kalayaan.

Steaks and Beer

Due to the broader Anglo-American and European influences, there is something you will never miss out on: draft beer and juicy steak with your pals. Some of the bars (see below) double as place to watch sports, drink a fresh beer from the tap and have a juicy Australian steak on the side. What else can you demand from a male Megacitizen's night out than those three incredibly awesome things combined? In terms of beer you'll be fine. Almost every bar has international popular brands such as Heineken as well as various kinds of the local San Miguel beer - which is very good as well. Ranging from the low-calorie San Miguel Light to the heavy Red Horse Beer, everything you might crave for is available.