Metro Manila · To Global City Singapore (Singapore)

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Singapore is interesting for various reasons. First, it's a city state in Southeast Asia. Second, it is the most developed region in Southeast Asia. Third, it is a hub for travellers across Southeast Asia. Not being a Megacity, Singapore has clean air and streets. Traffic rules are (most of the time) followed and everything looks and feels neat. So even if you don't have any business in Singapore you mind end up spending a day or two there as part of an extended overlay between two connecting flights - voluntarily.

Leaving Manila


There are a number of airlines catering the route Manila-Singapore. Recommended direct flights are offered by Singapore Airlines, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.


In order to catch your plane to Singapore, you will leave from Manila's NAIA Airport. Singapore Airlines departs from Terminal 1 (International Terminal), Philippines Airlines departs from Terminal 2 (PAL Terminal) and Cebu Pacific departs from Terminal 3. Tell the cab driver the airline and terminal number as the terminals are not interconnected.

NAIA is crowded. Therefore, make sure you are not too early or too late when getting there. As this is an international flight, try to be there at minimum 2 hours and maximum 3 hours before departure of your plane.

For most Megacitizens, no prior VISA arrangements are needed. VISA on arrival can be obtained directly at the airport. For more information, see here.

Arriving at Singapore Airport (Changi)


Assuming you are in Singapore only for a short-term tourist stay (for everything else you have to obtain a VISA before-hand), you fill out the VISA application form (most of the time given to you on the airplane) and go directly to the immigration desk. More information for the VISA on arrival here.


There is no need to bring money in cash with you. There are ATMs directly at the airport.


After leaving the immigration area, before trying to find a cab, there is an area where hotel services are located. In this area, you will also find money changers, ATMs as well as booths selling SIM cards for your mobile phone and loading it with a prepaid plan (also Internet access for smart phones).

City Transfer

There are several ways of getting into the city. The easiest way to just take a cab. Follow the signs 'taxi' and you will find yourself in a taxi line.

Make sure that it says 'metered taxi'. Going to the city takes you 30 minutes tops. Toll fees and another extra fee which will be added at the end of your ride will make a cab trip roughly 25 EUR.

Another way is to take the MRT train.You find the station at the basement of terminals 2 & 3, taking the train west bound from Tanah Merah train station. This inexpensive and fast mode of transportation will bring you to the heart of the city. From the city you can then take a cab or another train to your destination. More information here.

Leaving from Singapore Airport

Leaving from Singapore Airport is not a problem. You can go back to the airport by MRT train or cab

As usual, try to be at the airport 2 - 3 hours before departure of the flight. There is only one drop off from which you can reach all the terminals (as opposed to the Manila airport).

The airport is beautiful and offers a lot of shopping options and invited to have a coffee or an entire meal while waiting for your flight. Free Internet access is available at the entire airport (just approach an information counter and ask for a voucher). Therefore, try to be a bit early at the airport, so that you are able to enjoy the atmosphere and buy some goodies for your beloved.