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Here you will find some ideas why Megacitizens might have chosen to live in Manila, what they are doing here and what you can do here as well.

The Megacity Manila - as any other Megacity - is home to a large number of Megacitizens with different backgrounds. For Megacitizens, Manila offers the opportunities to work, study, teach or simply spend some time between home and a tropical beach. In this section you will find some ideas why Megacitizens might have chosen to live in Manila, what they are doing here and what you can do here as well.

Most Megacitizens work and/ or live in the HotSpots that we have identified. There are several reasons for this but most prominently are access to a high quality accommodation as well as a fast connection to commute between home and work – which is Makati or Ortigas is most cases. Megacitizens in Manila are a loose community. No matter if you go to the Salcedo Market or to one of the restaurants in the Fort or Greenbelt area, you will find a lot of Megacitizens who – most of the time – also acknowledge each other's presence with a polite nod or even engage in a small talk about the where, how and why they chose the life in Manila.

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Megacitizens are people like you and me. What distinguishes them from non-Megacitizens is that they are living, have been living or going to live soon in a Megacity. Living in a Megacity comes with advantages and disadvantages.

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Never heard of the term Megacity before? Don't know if you are a 'Megacitizen' or not? And where do global cities come in - do I live in a global or Megacity? Just have a look around and all your questions will be answered, and if not: drop us an email.

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A collection of traveling-, living- and working experiences from different Megacitizens who decided to explore the Megacity Manila and everything around it.

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Who is behind and why was it created anyway? If you like to know a bit more about the background of this website, just explore this section.

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National Citizens & Icons is a compilation of names that you should be familiar with when living in Metro Manila. It includes national heroes and others who shaped the Megacity and the country in the past - but also those who are currently shaping the future of the Megacity: national icons in politics, sports and pop culture.

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It is safe to say that all Megacitizens in Manila are also active in the Cyberspace – and as soon as they are reading this paragraph, they are also Megacitizens in Cyberspace. The reason for that is quite simple. Cost for connection to the Internet via smart phone or USB dongle for the laptop are comparatively low and free wireless networks are provided in many coffee shops and restaurants in all HotSpots.

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Some earned their nicknames, a few chose theirs, others inherited them. Almost everyone got a nickname in the Philippines. It's part of their identity.

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As Manila is the capital of an ocean-locked country, the only way to get to other Megacities is via airplane. This is often much cheaper and easier than you might think. Regard your stay in Metro Manila as a base-camp for exploring other Megacities and Global Cities in Southeast Asia!