Metro Manila · Jobs and Working in a Megacity

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Working in a Megacity has its positives and negatives but more often, the positive things outweigh the latter. Finding work in a Megacity can be easy if your skill set is needed in a specifically to Megacities to find work, the job market is prone to saturation. Options for employment are global and national companies, business process outsourcing units, international organizations as well as start-ups and the government.

The salaries offered in Megacities are usually higher compared to what one would make in the countryside or in smaller cities. Working in a Megacity means you will have to commute along with millions of people to get to your 9 (am) to 5 (pm) job. The hustle and bustle during the day, people in a hurry to go home during rush hour after work and pollution are normal in the big city.

Right after the industrial revolution, a number of people around the globe lost their jobs prompting them to move to urban areas to look for new livelihood - with over 50% of the world’s population moving to big cities. When most people from the rural areas moved to the cities in the mid-90s, life in general changed. When one comes to think of it, the movement of jobs to urban centers resulted to the movement of people from the rural areas to go to cities but there is more to that story. While big companies are trying to produce more commodities, they use up more natural resources. These natural resources are usually brought in from rural areas.

There are certain things that push us away from certain places and certain things that encourage us to stay in certain places or move to these places. For Megacities, the pull factors are the availability of jobs and the quality of services. The push factors are the scenery, the environment as well as the overall quality of life. These push and pull factor influenced how people behaved in the 90s in their decision-making of whether to move to urban areas or not.

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