Asian Development Bank Building "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/unnamed-untagged/asian-development-bank-building/39720-1-eng-GB/Asian-Development-Bank-Building_zoom_image.jpg" 2000 1124 Asian Development Bank Building

Since Megacity Manila is the capital of a developing country, there is a wide range of international organizations that are always looking for well-educated and skilled international staff. The Asian Development Bank for example has its headquarters right in the heart of the Philippine capital.

Father's Day "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/unnamed-and-untagged/father-s-day/340370-1-eng-GB/Father-s-Day_zoom_image.jpg" 2000 1015 Father's Day

Sunday was family time. The malls are traditionally crowded on Father's day in Metro Manila, as many stores attract shoppers with special sales and activities.

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