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Ready to create your own comic book? Are you a writer looking for an artist to partner with or vice-versa? Well, now is your chance to be a creator in this four day intensive workshop from Paolo Herras (Alamat ng Matibay, Sumpa, Strange Natives) and Tepai Pascual (Maktan 1521, Mark 9Verse47, Noodle Boy). Workshoppers will be going on a storytelling journey from concept to final output.

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Gunship Revolution's Creation Live is back with a brand new workshop! Bestselling manga illustrator Kriss Sison will be laying down the foundations of Digital Manga Coloring at Fully Booked - Bonifacio High Street on April 11, 2015 from 2PM to 6PM in the afternoon.

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Bookworms of all ages and backgrounds are flocking to the SMX Convention Center this week for the 34th Manila International Book Fair.

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The international Free Comic Book Day is held every first Saturday in May! Visit your local comic book shop on this day for FREE COMICS.

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Join Tintin P for an afternoon of drawing and wild imaginings on November 24, 2013 at Fully Booked, BGC.

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Sunday was family time. The malls are traditionally crowded on Father's day in Metro Manila, as many stores attract shoppers with special sales and activities.

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