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A long procession of young men, barefoot, heads covered, shirts torn apart, revealing lesions, wounds and sore, bleeding backs -the Penitensya (penitence) is a bloody but fascinating Good Friday tradition that can be observed in many Philippine provinces and parts of Metro Manila. 

Crowd in Lucky Chinatown Mall "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/unnamed-and-untagged/crowd-in-lucky-chinatown-mall/874095-1-eng-GB/Crowd-in-Lucky-Chinatown-Mall_zoom_image.jpg" 2000 1005 Crowd in Lucky Chinatown Mall

The annual holidays in the Philippines are a mix of various political, historical and religious celebrations and there are quite a number of them in the calendar. Here is all you should know about what you can and can not do on such holidays, and how local life is in the Megacity when the offices are closed.

mall mrt "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/mall-mrt/2077863-1-eng-GB/mall-mrt_zoom_image.jpg" 2000 1015 mall mrt

The busy Megacity life comes to a halt in parts of Metro Manila during the Easter holidays. Find out here which malls are open during the Lenten Season and whether the trains will be in operation. 

Easter-Celebration "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/news/easter-celebration/48271-1-eng-GB/Easter-Celebration_zoom_image.jpg" 2000 1012 Easter-Celebration

Due to the strong Catholic belief in the country, Easter is a very important date throughout the Megacity. It is an exciting time in Manila, with lots of religious events and procedures to be attended, and many family events and commercial happenings taking place at the same time. 

F1-Easter "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/f1-easter/3218449-1-eng-GB/F1-Easter_zoom_image.png" 473 247 F1-Easter
newworld_pororo2 "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/newworld_pororo2/3158863-1-eng-GB/newworld_pororo2_zoom_image.jpg" 229 324 newworld_pororo2
easter buddha "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-buddha/2070623-1-eng-GB/easter-buddha_zoom_image.jpg" 960 863 easter buddha

BUNNY VILLE is a fair for all active and creative kids who wants to have fun and experience a great Easter celebration! We have lots of games, booths, cookie decorating session, egg painting contest, treasure hunt, and more!

Manila Easter Events 2015 "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/manila-easter-events-2015/2053628-1-eng-GB/Manila-Easter-Events-2015_zoom_image.jpg" 2000 1015 Manila Easter Events 2015

Less thank two weeks and it is Easter! Many hotels, restaurants, and other venues offer exciting activites and promos during the holidays. Megacitizens.com compiled the best egg hunts and other Easter events 2015 in Manila's HotSpots, from Makati to BGC, from Ortigas to Alabang.

easter moa arena "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-moa-arena/2039975-1-eng-GB/easter-moa-arena_zoom_image.jpg" 640 503 easter moa arena
easter crowne "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-crowne/2039948-1-eng-GB/easter-crowne_zoom_image.jpg" 960 934 easter crowne
easter antel "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-antel/2039921-1-eng-GB/easter-antel_zoom_image.jpg" 1702 630 easter antel
easter discovery "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-discovery/2039894-1-eng-GB/easter-discovery_zoom_image.jpg" 380 235 easter discovery

This Easter, eggciting treats abound for kids of all ages at Discovery Suites. Gather the whole family for an exciting kiddie party. A fun hunt for colorful dragon eggs caps off a lovely Sunday afternoon.

easter heritage "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-heritage/2039707-1-eng-GB/easter-heritage_zoom_image.jpg" 678 960 easter heritage

Be artsy and go wacky with your own egg minions as we celebrate Easter Sunday in a fun-filled afternoon!

easter acacia "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-acacia/2039680-1-eng-GB/easter-acacia_zoom_image.jpg" 640 960 easter acacia

Celebrate Easter Sunday with the whole family at Acacia Hotel. We will be bringing you up, up and away on April 5, 2015 with a hoppin' easter bash. Enjoy a sumptuous buffet, entertainment, raffle and exciting easter egg hunting activity for the kids! Advance purchase your tickets at the Guest Services desk for P 995 nett per person. See you there!

easter bellevue "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-bellevue/2039653-1-eng-GB/easter-bellevue_zoom_image.jpg" 403 505 easter bellevue

Spend the Easter with your little ones at The Bellevue Manila for an EGGciting Easter party! Let them hop and run with delight as they join fun activities such as egg-hunting, glitter tattoo, and face painting! We also have an animal show for the main event! All these are happening at The Bellevue Barnyard on April 5, 2015! See you there!

easter manila pavilion "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-manila-pavilion/2039626-1-eng-GB/easter-manila-pavilion_zoom_image.jpg" 664 960 easter manila pavilion

Make Easter Sunday a family day! Join Manila Pavilion's Easter Escape to enjoy egg-citing activities and prizes.

easter active fun "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-active-fun/2039599-1-eng-GB/easter-active-fun_zoom_image.jpg" 960 800 easter active fun

Celebrate Easter at Activefun on April 5, 2015 at 9am in Activefun BGC and 10am in Activefun Megamall and Fairview Terraces!

easter fun ranch "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-fun-ranch/2039524-1-eng-GB/easter-fun-ranch_zoom_image.jpg" 742 960 easter fun ranch

Fun Ranch puts the fun into your Easter Sunday with this year’s Egg-citing Easter Weekend! Have a blast with our Easter show, interactive activities and the highly anticipated Egg Hunt for kids from 2 to 12 years of age. It’s definitely a sweet treat for all our guests.

easter f1 "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-f1/2037465-1-eng-GB/easter-f1_zoom_image.png" 1192 863 easter f1

Have a sporty Easter Celebration with your family for as low as Php 5,999 nett!

easter diamond "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-diamond/2037262-1-eng-GB/easter-diamond_zoom_image.jpg" 960 960 easter diamond

Let your child feel a magical Easter celebration where fairy tales and dreams come to life! Kids in their most magical , fairy tale-inspired costume will get a chance to win magnificent prices! Get a chance to win a GoPro HERO4 SILVER with Accessories in the Grand raffle Draw on April 5, 2015, 2pm at the Diamond Ballroom.

easter bayview "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-bayview/2037235-1-eng-GB/easter-bayview_zoom_image.jpg" 725 960 easter bayview

Experience the Easter holidays at Bayview Park Hotel Manila and treat your kids to our Easter Egg Hunt party for only Php888.00net/person.

easter peninsula "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-peninsula/2036953-1-eng-GB/easter-peninsula_zoom_image.jpg" 952 535 easter peninsula

Easter Sunday is family day at The Peninsula Manila, and the hotel will be pulling out all the stops with a charming London-themed Easter Egg Hunt for young guests on Easter Sunday. Featuring toys and décor from the UK's favourite toy store, Hamley's, the egg hunt activities will include face painting, balloon twisting, and fun games, all in the midst of decor reminiscent of London's most iconic landmarks: Big Ben, the London Bridge and the London Eye.

easter peninsula2 "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-peninsula2/2037108-1-eng-GB/easter-peninsula2_zoom_image.jpg" 952 535 easter peninsula2

Easter is the perfect time for families and friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company while taking pleasure in all the joyous activities this season has to offer. And there’s no better venue than The Peninsula Manila to celebrate your Easter holiday, where a wide array of culinary treats, festive décor, and entertainment for adults and children await.

easter makati shang "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-makati-shang/2036926-1-eng-GB/easter-makati-shang_zoom_image.jpg" 600 600 easter makati shang

Easter is just around the corner! Celebrate the long holiday from March 27 to April 5 with room packages for local residents starting at Php 8,200 per night or Php 15,800 for two nights in a Superior room with breakfast buffet for two (2) adults and two (2) children below 12 years old.

easter sofitel "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/mashup-and-event-pictures/easter-sofitel/2036899-1-eng-GB/easter-sofitel_zoom_image.jpg" 928 640 easter sofitel

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila takes you to new heights in an Easter adventure to Neverland, with the sky as your canvass and Peter in flight. Enjoy featured island activities including an al fresco SPArty, pirate challenges and games, swashbuckling hairstyling and a meet-and-greet with the Easter bunny.

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