European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

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The 4th Annual Euromoney Philippines Investment Forum will take place in Manila on 24 March 2015 which will bring over 500 business leaders, investors and policymakers to discuss the country's economic prospects and challenges for 2015/2016.

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The aim of our reception is to encourage networking of EPBN committee members, partners and associates, EU Delegation partners, and EPBN staff, to actively exchange experiences on committee work, and discuss business opportunities and outreach activities that can be developed jointly. Those who have actively participated in one or more committees realized that business can be developed among each other and across sector committees, looking at supply chains and the extension of product lines and services.

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Worldbex Services International (WSI) is the premiere exhibition and events management company in the Philippines.Its comprehensive trade and consumer shows made available great business deals and extensive product exposure. By means of targeting the international arena, WSI foresees the company to be the major advocate of intercontinental trading, while playing a part to depict the potential of products and services to the foreign market.

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Employees are the true faces of their company. In business, you are what you say and do, and it is challenging to change initial impressions of others. Business Etiquette and Personality Enhancement need to be taught to all employees across industries. To be considered professional, you need to have the proper mind set and attitude that will contribute to the way you speak and behave in business situations. Being seen as a professional will gain people's trust and respect, which eventually leads to better business relationships and a positive perception towards the company.

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Chief Justice Sereno is expected to discuss ongoing and forthcoming judicial reform initiatives to establish an efficient and credible judiciary that will be a pillar of economic stability.

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The European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (ECCP) celebrates its 35th anniversary with an elegant masquerade ball. On March 12, 2014, the Who is Who of the European and Philippine business and diplomatic community will meet at Solaire Resort & Casino.

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In the advent of the impending ASEAN Integration in 2015, this technology briefing provides a platform to help prepare companies improve efficiency and remain competitive through advanced and innovative European technology.

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