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Cash is the single most important way of paying your bills and carrying money around. Centavos come in 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 coins and Pesos come in 1, 5, 10 coins and 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 bills. It is not that uncommon to pay even large sums in cash. Due to the comparatively low value of the highest bill (1000 Pesos are roughly 20 Euros or 22.50 US Dollar), you might easily end up carrying around a large bundle of bills.

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"Money makes the world go round". Philippine money, like other currencies, started out as gold, but at the Money Museum in Manila, there is more to it than that. The museum in the Philippine Central Bank is dedicated to the evolution of the country’s currency, the Philippine peso.

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Asia is in the process of having the first batch of the baby boomer retiring. But many on this age group is not financially sounded. And the government is considering raising the retirement age to 67 years instead of 62 years.

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Keep calm and risk on! Learn from top stock market traders at Stock Market Investing Summit, co-located with Money Summit on July 4-5, 2014 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

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Financial Fitness Forum is a one-day personal finance event that answers everything you need to achieve your financial goals. Regardless of your situation in life, whether you are salaried employee or entrepreneur, this is your opportunity to get valuable personal finance advise you can’t afford to ignore.

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