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Labor Day, the international day for the achievements and rights of workers, is a regular holiday in the Philippines. It is celebrated with protest marches on the one hand and job fairs on the other.

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Are you a company looking for international staff to fill your openings? Wanting to promote an ad to an international audience? Inquire with us today! And for all those job seekers among you, have a look at the posted advertisements below.

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The event is co-organized by the EU Delegation and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), a German liberal foundation promoting free trade.

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Dear Megacitizens, we proudly present our newly-launched Services section. Now offers not only a huge database of helpful and up-to-date information but also handy and reliable services for expats, professionals, and their families in Metro Manila. Our range of services will be growing over time. Have a look at what we have in store so far!

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