Le Café Curieux

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"Quick Escapes" was the topic of the first "Stammtisch" Meeting in 2015, and Manila's Megacitizens had a lot travel tips to share.

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It is time for the first Megacitizens „Stammtisch“ Meeting 2015. Newcomers and Manila experts alike are welcome to join our casual get-together at Le Cafe Curieux, Makati City.

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Christmas is just a month away. It is only fitting that the November Stammtisch highlights the activities or the wonderful memories that Megacitizens have during this happy occasion.  

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What are the yearly event highlights for the expats and Megacitizens of Metro Manila? The Megacitizens "Stammtisch" Meeting in September will discuss this and other questions concerning the good life in the Philippines at Le Cafe Curieux, Makati City.

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Join Le Café Curieux's Salsa Night on February 22, 2014 at Le Café Curieux restaurant in Makati City.

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Come and enjoy a romantic dinner in the garden!

Spend Thursday night by having a buffet with special wine selection at Le Café Curieux. Reservation is Php 1,250.00/pax and Walk-in is Php 1,500.00/pax.

Le Café Curieux will entertain you with Blues, Vocal, Rock, and Latino music on August 10, 2013 from 9pm onwards. See you there!

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