Lucky Chinatown Mall

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Lucky Chinatown Mall is not only a mall but also a regular venue for Chinese festivities, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese Movie Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day, and - most importantly - Chinese New Year. As the name indicates you find this upscale mall in the middle of Manila's Chinatown, Binondo.

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Dancing with dragons, playing with fire: the team of joined the Chinese New Year celebrations on January 31 in the heart of Binondo. Check out our video and the photo gallery with impressions of Chinese New Year 2014 in Manila's Chinatown.

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Lucky Chinatown invite all kids to have a sweet and fun-filled Easter Sunday at its Easter Land of Sweets.

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Check out the lineup of events designed to give you a Bedazzling Holiday season at Eastwood, Lucky Chinatown and Venice Piazza!

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The Lucky Chinatown Mall (link) celebrates the first 'Dragon Boat Festival'. The event started on 'Manila Day' and will go on for six days.

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