New Year's Eve

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Beach parties, fireworks, karaoke - there are a lot of different ways of celebrating the last day of the old year and for welcoming the new year in the Philippines.

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Hong Kong is a popular New Year's destination among Manila's Megacitizens, be it because of its beautiful fireworks display over the harbor or just to flee Manila's New Year's spectacle with its unregulated and often dangerous use of firecrackers.

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2015 will be here soon. If you're not yet sure where you want to celebrate the New Year, let guide you to the best countdown parties in town. 

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No idea yet where to welcome the new year? compiled some of the most promising events for December 31, 2013 - with glamorous hotel parties, live music events, and big year-end countdowns under the open sky.

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Countdown starts at 10PM.

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Join the biggest year-end countdown event in the Philippines on December 31, 2014 at the Philippine Arena! Gates open at 5:30pm!

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After weeks of Christmas preparations, family get-togethers,traveling, and New Year's celebrations, it was time for the Megacitizens to met up again in 2014 and chat about life in the Metropolis.

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Every New Year's Eve, hundreds of people in the Philippines get injured by (often non-certified and unsafe) firecrackers and by stray bullets. Now the government backs the idea of widely banning fireworks.

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Celebrate the New Year on December 31, 2013 at Mall of Asia Seaside Boulevard in Pasay City.

6.30 pm, buffet, live music and entertainment.

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Toast to a grand new year on December 31, 2013 at Solaire Resort & Casino!

End the year with a bang with Nuvali's Year-End Concert on December 30, 2013!

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End the year with a bang with Acacia Hotel on December 31, 2013 in Alabang!

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The last Megacitizens Manila Stammtisch in 2013 was all about the year-end and the upcoming holidays.

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Bask in timeless elegance with a 3 course set menu, which includes Venison filet with Grand Huntsman sauce, Spiced braised cabbage with buttered carrots and asparagus, and Truffles shavings and chestnuts puree complete with savory appetizer and delightful dessert.

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As everybody is going to be busy during the days right before Christmas, the next Megacitizens Manila Stammtisch will take place early in December. Join the get-together for expats, professionals, Megacitizens and their families on Wednesday, December 4.

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