Quezon Circle

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Offering lots of space, greenery, and leisure facilities, Quezon Circle is a popular destination for weekend trips with the family.

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Two very different festivals will celebrate Philippine music on Independence Day in Metro Manila. 'OneVibePH' brings you through the night with Electronic Dance Music while 'Independents Day' awaits you with Philippine Indie music of all genres.

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This summer, DIKSYONARYOATBP, a non-proft non-stock non-government organization is hosting a SUMMER READING CAMP at the FERN GARDENS, Quezon City Memorial Circle, from 10am-12noon and 4pm-6pm on May 3 (Saturday) 2014.

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With millions of participants in more than 150 countries, Earth Day is the biggest environmental celebration in the world. In the Philippines, about 2,000 stakeholders work together to raise awareness for environmental issues in the country.

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