Taguig City

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McKinley Hill is one of the centrally planned developments in Fort Bonifacio, housing offices of many major BPO companies as well as a still growing number of condominium towers. The Tuscany Private Estates and the Venice Piazza give the place a Mediterranean flair.

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Experience a feeding frenzy at Bonifacio Global City this April by attending the World Street Food Congress.

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Earth Kitchen specializes in using fresh, organic, natural ingredients to create delicious meals for the health conscious Megacitizen in BGC. Through Got Heart Foundation, the restaurant supports local farmers and indigenous communities around the Philippines.

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Like other Megacities in the world, Metro Manila boasts stunning cityscapes, especially in the central business districts of Makati, Mandaluyong and Taguig. These major cities have a booming real estate industry, featuring luxury condominium buildings, modern office spaces, and international hotels. Looking at them from a bird's eye point of view, whether by day or night, you could imagine yourself being anywhere in the world - New York, Miami, or London. 

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One of the prime properties of Metro Manila is about to change the city it belongs to. A court declared that the glitzy commercial and entertainment district Fort Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is rightfully a part of Makati and not of Taguig City.

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