Venice Piazza

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McKinley Hill is one of the centrally planned developments in Fort Bonifacio, housing offices of many major BPO companies as well as a still growing number of condominium towers. The Tuscany Private Estates and the Venice Piazza give the place a Mediterranean flair.

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The BPO employees in McKinley Hill (BGC) can enjoy their lunch breaks in a Mediterranean renaissance setting. Venice Piazza is inspired by the the Venecian San Marcos Square, including bell tower, colonnade and even a flock of doves. It houses dozens of restaurants, from fast food to international fine dining. The center of the piazza is an atmospheric venue for midnight markets, concerts and other events.

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Catch Echosmith Live on August 28, 2014, 7PM at Venice Piazza at Mckinley Hill.

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Check out the lineup of events designed to give you a Bedazzling Holiday season at Eastwood, Lucky Chinatown and Venice Piazza!

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