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Why did we come to Manila? What are our favorite places to hang out? Are there online job markets for bilinguals? People from three continents participated in the first Megacitizens Manila 'Stammtisch' in Salcedo Village. The casual monthly meeting is organized by as an opportunity to share questions and experiences and to get to know other expats.

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May literally brought even more action to the table! For the first time this year, the Megacitizens meet-up / regulars table known as 'Stammtisch' took place at the 121 bar in Salcedo Village - Makati! Itwas a great opportunity to meet other Megacitizens (Expats, Professionals, Backpackers etc.), and share stories, experiences and cold drinks with them!

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Perhaps the best thing about Offshore Bar & Grill is its sub-zero cold beer but this isn’t the only thing that the Kamagong restaurant has to offer.

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Scarlet is a lounge bar for VIPs and everybody who fancies a good drink in a sophisticated atmosphere.

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