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Looking for a caffeine boost? Whether you just want that extra kick of energy while working on an important deadline or just want to spend some time with a few friends, going to a coffee shop is always a great option. Take a look at the major coffee shops available in the metro here. 

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Rice is the Philippines' all-day basic food, even for breakfast making it difficult to find fresh bread right at the next street corner. This can make it hard for Megacitizens from countries like Germany, Switzerland, and France to get up in the morning. But don't fret because there are actually several bakery chains that provide Metro Manila with delicious whole grain breads, baguettes, and other baked goods.

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It was 1988 when Chef Aggy’s closest friend, who worked for Philippine fast food chain Jollibee, asked Agnes Villabona to bake a cake for the former’s boss. To her surprise, her cake pushed the right buttons.

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Marta’s Cakes, a multicolored and child-friendly pastry shop, offers not only sweet cakes in original designs, but also exiting promos for special occasions.

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